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By OC Keith  

Don Edinborough was a great friend to Rasor Road. Don worked at the Rasor Road gas station (Beacon Station) from the late 80s until his death in 2001. Don was a great friend of OC Keith's, Jr's & Terry's. Don lived for many years at Rasor Ranch and was the care taker of the property when JR owned it.

Photo of Don (left) and JR (right) in the pool at the Ranch

   A few things about Don:

  • I hear many people talk about Don and some say that he used to own the Ranch (Not true)

  • I have heard stories from people that say Don died at the Ranch (Not True)

  • Don had a very unique hand shake. He would shake your had every time with a firm military grip, look at you in the eyes and offer you a beer... no matter what time of day.

  • We use to have a 5 hole, sand, golf course out in the little dune in front of the cabin. We would drink coffee in the morning as soon as we would wake, then go straight to Bloody Mary's around 8:00 am and then to golf. Don's favorite hole was the first hole. Upon reaching the 3rd hole, the girls in their bikini's would get on the quads and bring us cold beer. We did this every weekend that we were out there.

  • Upon Don's passing, he was cremated and some of our close friends all met at the 1st hole and had said a prayer. We then did a shot of Don's favorite drink (Crown Royal) and spread his ashes across the first hole. Then 'Conan' Keith tee'd off one last time in the name of Don.

  • Don was one with the desert. No matter what month is was, you could always find Don in a pair of shorts, tennis shoes and a Beacon Station work shirt.

  • When you would show up at the Ranch, Don may of not had any food to offer you but he always had a cold beer for you.

  • Don would go back and forth to work from the Ranch to the gas station every day on his very old 3 wheeler. He would travel that road down the Mojave River Trail to Rasor Road, twice a day drinking a cold beer doing about 4 mile per hour.... time meant nothing to him. He never had a working headlight that I knew of. Just slow and driving by brail.

  • If we told Don that we were bringing out cute girls with thong bikinis, then he would always have to pool clean for us... we learned that quick!.. LOL

  • For lunch, Bonney (Jr's wife) would make tacos every weekend. She made the best damn tacos with all the trimmings. That was Don's favorite meal. When lunch was ready Bonney would reach out the Ranch kitchen window and pull on the cord that rang the lunch bell. I remember one time Bonney forgot the cilantro and it was just not the same. She was a great cook.


Back row: Conan Keith in green hat, John, OC Keith with daughter on sholders, Tiffany (Terry's daughter)

Center row: John (white shirt, ex station owner) Sharron and Ray Patterson (ex owners of the cabin next to the Ranch) Carol (blonde on right with stripe jacket is Terry's wife)

Front row: Tracy (hose), JR and his friend.

Joe & JR sitting at the First Hole (Don's favorite) at sun down

John & JR (OC Keith daughter Kris in blue jacket and son Colten (CJ) on right

JR & Terry Young (yeah... JR drinks Bud)

   Conan Keith taking the last drive..... In the name of Don

The reason he is called 'Conan' Keith and I am 'OC'Keith is due to Bonney (JR's wife) got tired of mixing us up so she name me OC Keith due to me living in the OC and Conan Keith cuz he had a huge as set of mussels... I mean this dude is strong!

As the sun went down.... we cracked open the bottle of Crown Royal and had a shot.

You knew when it was time to spread the ashes, cuz God made the sky a work of art.

All of us took a hand full of ashes, did a shot of Crown Royal and threw Don to the wind at the first hole of our sand golf course. We shared many stories, shared some tears and laughed.

When we were done with the funeral and spreading Don's ashes... Jr took a moment and sat at the first hole by himself. There was a moment of silence. At that time, Jr wept.

Dang... we miss you buddy
Rasor Road will never be the same without you...
We try hard to be great hosts at the Ranch now that you are gone,
But no one could ever replace your hand shake and great stories!

R.I.P Don Edinborough
We Love You Man!




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Don - Keeper of the Rasor Ranch



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