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A few facts about Rasor Ranch:

  • The Ranch is PRIVATE PROPERTY and is not open to the public. Written permission is needed to trespass. We will fully prosecute anyone vandalizing or stealing from the property. Please respect our land.

  • YES - We do have cameras set up on motion sensors. We had three, but someone found one of them and stole it.

  • We bought the cabin and 40 acres from my buddy 'Jr' (Ed Penfold) and he owned it for about 20 years. It was abandoned when he bought it.

  • OC Keith and HB Marc bought the property in April of 2008

  • Don never owned the cabin. Don was my friend that lived at the cabin and worked at the gas station. When JR owned the cabin, he gave Don permission to live at the cabin and Don looked over it. Don has passed away... RIP Don, we love you buddy.

  • The Ranch is a friendly place and a family place. We like to meet people and show it to them, but you must have permission or we must be there or you will be trespassing.

Enjoy the desert as long as you can. It is a beautiful place!




 Rasor Clean Up

First Rasor Road desert clean up.


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Fallen Friends

Don - Keeper of the Rasor Ranch



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Rasor Road Mega-phone / the Mojave desert mystery

Desert grave of Delores Holland at Rasor Road, Near the old RR town of Crucero

Mystery jet fighter fuel tank found at Rasor Road

Old wells at Rasor Road

Soda Dry Lake off of Zzyzx Road at Rasor Road California Desert. The Mojave Road crosses though it.